Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to Customise Your Guitar for Busking and Gigs

As a guitarist, you want your instrument to reflect your personality and your personal musical tastes. There are many different ways you can alter the look of your guitar for busking of gigs. Complex and expensive methods, such as altering the bridge of the look of your guitar physically are often out of the range of most musicians.

Some guitarists enjoy putting stickers on their guitars. These stickers are cheap and readily available in guitar shops and at gigs. However, they are often difficult to remove from the guitar. Guitarists often bemoan a sticker that simply doesn't want to come off. They have to take a razor to the stubborn sticker, potentially damaging their guitar body.

Creating a unique look for gigs and busking doesn't have to be difficult. Static cling decals are a type of sticker that is simple to place and easy to remove. Static cling decals can actually be easily removed from your guitar and stored for later use. This makes them more adaptable and versatile when compared with every day paper stickers. It gives players the opportunity to create different looks and styles for their gig.

These different looks and styles can help you stand out amongst other gigging guitarists or buskers. Imagine having a different look for the guitar every day of the week. This will make the guitarist more memorable and make it more likely that they will earn more money while playing.

Static cling decals are very useful but they do stand out on the guitar. They don't stand out quite as prominently as a sticker but they are not obviously integrated into the body of the guitar. Waterslide decals are useful for guitarists that are looking for a more natural, authentic and vintage look.

These decals are more permanent than a static cling decal as they cannot simply be peeled off. However, once they are on the guitar they blend into the body of the guitar without standing out as an addition. It will look more like a painted on decal or a carefully designed addition to the guitar.

Imagine being able to add an instant vintage look to your guitar with a simple decal. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars altering the guitar body to look more vintage, it creates a vintage look that will fool almost everybody into believing its the real thing.

In this way, waterslide decals make an excellent addition to any guitar. They can be removed and stored to be replaced by other decals but they are generally left on the guitar after they are placed. Leaving them on the guitar helps make them look more natural and believable at gigs and while busking.

Static cling decals and waterslide decals can be used in collaboration with each other to create a wide range of styles and looks that can turn a normal gig into an exciting experience. These decals are available at a wide range of guitar shops for low prices. Consider checking out these decals today.

~ Dave Quinn