Monday, 30 September 2013

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Second Hand Electric Guitar?

Many people ask where they can get a good second hand electric guitar at an affordable price, which will allow them to tinker and customise it and make it their own.

In fact, a good quality second hand guitar is just as good a guitar to buy for customising as a brand new one would be. Providing you have a good solid body and quality neck to work with, it's the additions you add to the guitar that will make it what it is. This is the whole point!

There are a few first choice places most people go to to look for an instrument to buy for this purpose. The first choice for many is Ebay - the internet auction site which has thousands of second hand electric's to choose from. A good deal can usually be found here.

Another place is your local pawn shop, a great place to look. Cash Convertors is a high-street named shop that often have at least one or two for sale - and they also have an internet site where you can browse and buy guitars from their various shops around the country for the addition of only about £10 postage.

Local auction houses can have them from time to time - house clearance auctions as opposed to antique of course. If you are a fan of carboot sales and markets then sometimes you can get lucky, but it is few and far between usually.

An important thing to remember is that you want a quality instrument. Fender Squiers are quite good for the customising purpose as it is a quality affordable instrument, and you can pick one up, used, for anywhere between £20 and £80. What you don't want to do is pay £20 or £30 for something that would only be £60 new (it's not going to be good). Although, it does depend on your purpose and experience.