Sunday, 22 September 2013

Why is it Better to use Waterslide Decals on a Guitar Body?

A musician understands that their instrument is an extension of their body and their personality. A guitarist is no different. They want an instrument that expresses who they are, the type of music they enjoy and the personality they want to shine through in their playing. This is why there are so many different brands of guitars and so many different styles. Serious guitarists often have multiple guitars for different types of gigs.

However, not every guitarist can afford to buy multiple different types of guitars. In fact, many can only afford a few basic guitars that don't really say a lot about their personality. Altering these guitars by changing the bridge and the body may be cheaper than buying multiple guitars but it still costs a lot of money. Struggling guitarists simply cannot afford that kind of money.

So what is a guitarist to do? Buy a bunch of cheap band stickers and throw them on the body of the guitar? This cheap method may be appealing but it doesn't enhance the look of your guitar: it cheapens it. Nobody is fooled by stickers. They know they only costs a few dollars, at most.

Not only are stickers cheap looking, they also have a tendency to get stuck on the guitar. Stickers that stubbornly cling to the guitar often peel off poorly, leaving parts of the sticker on the guitar. These can be removed with razors but using razors may lead to damaging the guitar.

Guitar decals are a great solution to a complex guitar decoration. There are two basic kinds of guitar decals available in guitar shops around the country: static cling decals and waterslide decals. Each of these has their own benefits and disadvantages. Waterslide decals are probably the best kind of decal you can add to your guitar.

Waterslide decals have the advantage of looking more natural and authentic when compared to static cling decals. Although static cling decals are easier to place and remove, they look more like a sticker than an actual authentic design change on your guitar. Waterslide decals stay on longer but effortlessly blend in with your guitar to look like a serious alteration to your guitar.

Creating this authentic and vintage look with waterslide decals is a major way to save money. Adding the kind of alterations that decals mimic would costs hundreds of dollars and would be permanent. Waterslide decals come off of your guitar with a little bit of effort and water.

~ Dave Quinn